Saturday, September 15, 2012

We have ignition

Today we sailed out the Golden Gate with an escort of boating friends, after one last morning bon voyage party with goodbyes in Sausalito. 

Thank you to everyone that sailed out (E-Ticket, Isla Mia, Scoots, Huge, Double Play, Popstar, Ada Helen) and pushed Shindig out the Gate, and to Susan who greeted us from the north tower of the bridge.  We did not have time to be bittersweet or emotional, as there was plenty of tacking, and wind to keep us busy for the first hour or so.  Then when we turned Shindig towards Half Moon Bay, the sea breeze quieted, and we were able to relax and reflect on the first day of many, sailing down the California Coast. 

Isla Mia and Huge sailing under the gate

We made it!

We are now resting in the Half Moon Bay Harbor after enjoying a great meal at Barbara's Fish Trap and missing all of our good friends.  Tomorrow we set sail for a longer voyage to Santa Cruz Harbor.

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