Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bountiful Day

By Nancy

It’s been a whirlwind couple of days.  We’ve been overwhelmed with the goodbyes from our land based friends.  It feels better to say “see you right after the holidays”, as we are planning to fly back in January for visits.  And thank you all for the invitations on where to stay.  We are keeping a car (our only car now) parked in the area, and bags of clothes for the cooler month here in the SF Area.

Yesterday was an awesome day.  I was invited to join the weekly Wednesday sail on historic Bounty, a 1950 full keel sailboat in Sausalito with owner/skipper Dan.  A colorful crew accompanied us, and my role was mostly at the helm the full day, sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge and then flying down the bay with mizzen staysail and spinnaker.  Lunch behind Angel Island, and then zipping along the Bay, before a cockpit party with Prosecco and cheese at the slip.  And I picked up a few more culinary tips from the guys, too.  Thank You Dan! 

Rob and I ambled over to our dance lesson at the studio where we are learning some basic swing and salsa moves. Enough said about that.   Then a fun night with our good friends Eldene, Julie, Dan and Terrie for a group tour of the boat and good bye crab dinner at Salito’s.  


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