Friday, January 5, 2018


One of our last stops in Makemo before heading out the West pass was a place Mid-Mo.  So named by me because it is sort of in the middle of Makemo.

This was a picture perfect spot that we enjoyed with Kenny and Betsy from S/V Alcyone.

BTW, a note on traversing the lagoon.  Check out the image below.  See all those little specs.  Those are called bommies.  They are coral outcroppings that come to the surface and they are everywhere.
When moving around in the lagoon, Nancy will be the spotter on the bow and communicate to me if there is a danger ahead.  Many of the bommies are charted but many are not.   We travel only in the day time and when the sun is overhead or behind us.  The bommies are very visible and are easily avoided if you are paying attention.

Makemo lagoon is sprinkled with bommies

Here is what a bommie looks like under water.  It is about 2 to 3 feet below the surface.

Rob and Nancy in a Tropical Paradise

Kenny and Betsy of  S/V Alcyone posing for the paparazzi 

Shindig and Alcyone at Mid-mo

Little baby black tip sharks in the shallows

Lots of strawberry crabs

Debris on the windward side of the atoll.  Sadly common on most atolls we visited.

Unobstructed sunset

Bommies make excellent snorkel spots!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Makemo - Kite Ops

Well it has been a long time since I have updated the blog..... But don't worry.  I have many excuses!  First of which is that internet is hard to come by when sailing around the Pacific.  Before I knew it, I was behind on posts and it was daunting task to get caught up.  Now it is December of 2017 and Nancy and I have been back on land for several months.  I had planned to make all my updates now that we are in the land of plenty and hot and cold running internet.  Well we hit a snag.  36 hours after returning from the South Pacific our home was burned to the ground in the Tubbs fire in Santa Rosa.  We had 10 minutes notice before evacuating the house at midnight. Blog updates became a low priority item.

We are working through the process of relocating, dealing with insurance and moving forward on a rebuild plan.

I still intend to make updates to the blog and share the adventures we had in the Tuamotus and the Society Islands.  Stay tuned.

In this post I highlight our kiting in Makemo.
This place was Heaven.  We tucked the boat in South East(windward) end of the lagoon.
From this location we found a sand bar to launch from and enjoyed three days of great wind and crystal clear water.

Mike and Katie from S/V Pangaea rigging up on the sandbar

Dinghies ready for action.  Brian from S/V Magic in the background

Rob and Brian

Friday, August 18, 2017

Makemo Village and Drift Diving

The entrance pass near the village is a wonderful place to do a drift dive or snorkel.  One must pick the right tide though...
An incoming tide is best because you won't get sucked out into the ocean; also the water is much clearer on incoming tides.

Here are some photos and a video from one of our first group drift snorkels.  The technique is to take our dinghies out the pass, jump over with lines over the side of the dinghy and then drift back, with the dinghies, back into the anchorage areas.   It was lots of fun, and once the first drift dive was over, everyone enthusiastically said "can we do it again?"

Rob in the foreground and the crew of Wiz in the background

Morgan and Douglas from Tumbleweed joined us in our dinghy for the first  drift dive

Darryl, Cooper and Susan from Sailboat Wiz

Video is compliments of Morgan on Tumbleweed

A view of the pass with standing waves during an ebb tide

Nancy in the Village. She was surprised with the infrastructure,  clean sidewalks, friendly people and three stores

School is out for the afternoon

A bunch of cruiser friends hanging out near the little grocery market.
The back story is there was a rumor of a special veggies delivery that day at 10am.  Unfortunately something was lost in translation.... 
Defunct wind generators on Makemo

Pretty serious installation.  Too bad they couldn't keep it working.

Battery bank

Big nose cone!

Local dog with a good view of all the action from the middle of the street

Makemo was the first place we started thinking of kite-ing.  Here is Rob launching his kite from the municipal pier.  Pretty awesome!

Lovely anchorage

Action shot in the anchorage

Returning to Shindig using the safety line off the transom

Flat water goodness!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Makemo East

With strong east winds in the forecast the anchorage at the village gets a bit bumpy so we moved to the East end of the lagoon.

Alcyone, Magic and Pangaea joined in on the fun and we had a blast.

The winds were strong but the anchorage was very comfortable because there was little fetch.  This also made for perfect kitesurfing conditions. 

Party on Pangaea

Camp Makemo pearl buoy

Beautiful walks on the motu

Ladie's Time: Nancy picked up the three ladies each  morning for long walks on the beach

Katie, Lisa and Betsy

Example of buoying the anchor chain so you don't snag on the coral bommies

Sundowners on the beach.  Sponsored by Hinano

Water maker surgery.  Trying to fix a leak at the end cap of the pressure vessel.

Octopus in the shallows

Amazing sunsets looking west.

We are visited by three copra (coconut) farmers from the beach.
And gifted with coconuts.

Lisa with her favorite shell, Strawberry Crabs

Our new friend, David, who harvests coconuts on the beach.
He spent several days with us, taking us on hikes, demonstrating his craft.