Monday, September 17, 2012


Shindig is now in Santa Cruz following a quick stop in Halfmoon Bay, where we treated ourselves to Barbara's Fish trap for dinner. 

The trip from Halfmoon Bay to Santa Cruz is about a 48 miles.  We left at 7:00 and motored South and there was no wind to speak of until the early afternoon when we got to Año Nuevo.

We followed the shore west of the 10 fathom (60 foot) line and with the binoculars could see hundreds of seals hauled out on shore.

Some have wondered whether we are experiencing any seasickness or discomfort.  Nancy is happy to report that without any medical aids (Bonine, tequila or coffee) she is doing great.  The swells were mellow and the boat motion was comfortable enough that she wanted to go below to take care of some boat chores.  With the Captain's permission (we try to check in with each other on anything significant like leaving the cockpit or jumping overboard), she went below, saying to Rob "You can do anything you want with the sails".  After a happy cleaning cycle, she came up on deck to see the whisker pole out and the boat sailing wing on wing.  Nice work Captain.

The wind built steadily to 20 knots and Shindig was loving the hull speed run downwind.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that the Santa Cruz harbor entrance was very well dredged to 24 feet.  Last time we were here in the spring we nervously crossed the entrance with only 2 to 4 feet under the keel.

We are tied up at the guest dock closest to the harbor entrance.  Yesterday (Sunday) was really busy in the harbor and we had front row seats for all the action.  All forms  of seamenship were  demonstrated as larger boats dodged kayakers, stand up paddlers and Laser sailboats in the narrow jetty.   The harbor patrol kept busy all day, that is for sure!

We are flying our Baja Haha flag and have already met several sailboats and owners that have done the rally before or, like us, are doing it for the first time. Our stop in Santa Cruz was to visit with our dear friends, the Armors. We were picked up from the Harbor, went to their house with our dirty laundry, and treated to a delicious healthy fish taco dinner with pie amidst the SF 49er's game.
Kate made two lasagnas for us to keep in our freezer when we are in need of homey, comfort food. We'll enjoy these and think of them when we are out on the Channel Islands later this week. 

Today we are going to sail to Monterey.  The forecast is for Westerlies at 10 knots and a minor swell.  Perfect conditions for the 24 mile trip from Santa Cruz.

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