Tuesday, May 15, 2012

T-minus 4 months

By Nancy

It’s May 15th and we are leaving on Sept. 15th.  Summer is here, as our son Bryan is home from his first year at college.  I’ve been enjoying a slow thorough clean out of the house, as Rob continues boat projects mid-week.  Have designated June and July as Play months, so trying to get most of the heavy-lifting done now.  After months of verbal plans, (no lists, all in my head), the Home To-do list is in action.
  • Found a very nice babysitter for my Steinway – Yay!
  • Purchased a nice Yamaha keyboard that will slide right onto the boat.  It feels like a Yamaha, and is digitized to sound like a 7’ concert grand.
  • Hired our property manager to rent our home. – We’ll vacate by Sept 1st to do final cleaning.  New tenants can move in the 15th. 
  • August 4th – Summer pool party for our land based friends
  • Scheduled the PODS service for two drop offs and pick ups in August
  • Found another nice recipient for donations – Los Altos Discovery re-sale shop for the American Cancer Society.  – I ran out of shopping bags and boxes to bring the stuff over…need to go shopping and get some more
  • Sold some stuff on eBay.  Most notable, an authentic strait jacket that was given to us as a corporate gag gift.  A local doctor snapped that up in a day!.Hmmm….
  • Boxed up the china, buffet, kitchen and home office things we want to keep (why?) but don’t want for the summer (or the next few years)
Some of the remaining to do’s:
  • Take care of the home business stuff (insurance, finances)
  • Sell two cars (later this summer)
  • Find a home for the 8 ft pool table/ping pong
  • Paint the master bath
I enjoy these things, and am making time for cooking, working out, music and our friends. After 9 years in Los Altos and working full time, it’s great having freedom.