Latest Position

Periodically we will send a position report through the Ham radio.  This position is tracked by the good folks at

A small window appears on the each webpage, like the one on the right.  Here is the big page.

If you would like to receive periodic email updates on our position you can sign up with and you'll know when we move and where we are.

We also us an iridium Go device for satellite communications for weather and position tracking.
Our position is here:


  1. Hi, Rob & Nancy! Paul Irving here. I'm a friend of Josh's and the Morro Bay Yacht Club Cruising Fleet Captain. Congrats on beginning yor adventure down the hill for the Haha! If you need anything here in MB, let me know. My cell # is 805-441-3344. Fair winds to you!

    1. Hello Paul. We expect to be in Morro Bay on Thursday and plan to stay at the club. I look forward to meeting you.


  2. Hola Nancy y Roberta
    Delfina un packed her gift that your brought her from your nice and she was very very happy about it. Thanks a billion was nice having you will be looking forward to seeing you again next season. Good luck good winds salduos de Mita'z Pizza Nicole y Delfina ;-)

    1. Hola Nicole,
      We love your pizza and look forward to returning next season. So glad that Delfina liked the doll.
      Nancy and Rob

  3. Hi Nancy,

    I enjoyed the blog. What an amazing life you two have.

    See you soon...

    Dr. Hubert