Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

By Nancy

I read in several cruising books that you should move onto your boat 2-3 months before you plan to leave.  My reaction had immediately been, “why would I ever do that?” I’ll stay until the night before (or a week early).  Now we know.  It is hard to move, and get organized, especially with downsizing from a large home to a sailboat one tenth the size.  Despite the challenges, we are essentially live aboard now.

A few “Guilty Pleasures” that we’ve brought aboard with no compromises.
Rob:  Home file server with 5 Terabytes for photo and video projects
Nancy: Full size Yamaha P-155 keyboard with music books

Today we made a stop at a Big Lots store up past Sacramento to pick up a few things.
  We were each allotted one small basket to fill up with anything we wanted, no questions asked.  5 bags later, we exited with more snack foods, household must-haves  and stuff, that has been successfully stored away. 

“Food Guilty Pleasures”

Rob: Pop Tarts
Nancy: Nutter Butter Peanut cookies

Next Stop:  COSTCO


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