Saturday, September 22, 2012

Morro Bay - Friends, Fish and Frolic

We’ve had a great stay in Morro Bay.  The weather was very calm, and fog lifted so sunny every day.  Rob and I remark on the friendliness of all boaters on the docks, power and sail.  In this different mode, we learn life stories and cruising plans in a few exchanges.   It’s fun to be able to say “see you on the waters”, and look for them later at one of our future stops.  I’m not as good with names, so we rely on memorizing boat names and the faces that go along with them.

We borrowed some beach cruisers from the power boat we've tied up to, and went on errands one morning.  Stops included Health food store, barber shop for Rob and a longer trek to the local hardware store.  Still getting used to not having a car or two!
Umberto and Morro Rock
Nancy and Josh

One Mahi Mahi Taco

Our friend Josh lives nearby and we’ve shared dinners with him and his friend Carol, once aboard Shindig, and once out at a favorite place called Taco Temple.  The tacos are fresh seafood, and resemble more of a giant plate of salad, fish and tortillas.  I'm plotting a return today when our friends Kate and Tony visit.

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