Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Galley and Cooking

from Nancy

The galley is one area of the boat where I am currently Commander. (caveat – this changes when we have guests or crew) Cooking and eating healthily is a daily pleasure of mine. Also it's been fun figuring out how to put together a somewhat organized system in a very small galley. I'm enjoying creating interesting meals while Rob and I are on the sailboat. (or "on the hook", to be more specific. Which means there is likely not a Trader Joes, grocery store, restaurant nor pizza delivery nearby).
Even though we did not provision extensively, we have too much food on board. I have a lot of homemade frozen dishes, such as chile chicken enchiladas, soups, mushroom & chicken pastas, that are waiting for their debut night. At each port, I've replenished perishables such as lettuces, onions, peppers, mushrooms and fresh berries and fruit. We are not purists; there are cans aboard with favorite soups, beans, chopped clams and other favorites that we may not be able to find in Mexico. I need to be able to make my homemade clam dip whenever there is a Shindig! In addition to the general storage area in the galley, there are two plastic lidded storage boxes for the Pantry and the Snack foods.

We are determined to consume our way through most of this in the next 3 weeks so we can start over with our crew for the Baja Ha Ha rally. With the next 3-5 days out at the Channel Islands, we should be making a dent in our supplies.

Here's our menu yesterday. You can see we are not holding back. We've been having seafood nearly every day since departure, and have started craving red meat.

Breakfast: fresh strawberries, bananas, blueberries with greek yogurt sprinkled with flax seed and warm homemade banana bread
Lunch: "fumi" salad – Chinese chicken cabbage salad, lentil soup on top of brown rice
Snacks: ½ ham and cheese sandwich, homemade cookies (peanut butter or banana chocolate chip) – both recipes from Miraval spa
Happy Hour: mixed nuts, sliced smoked gouda cheese, sliced apples with cinnamon salt
Dinner: Flank steak with rub, mixed green salad with fresh croutons, tempura shrimp with dipping sauce, baked beans
Dessert: Nutter Butter peanut cookies and one Scharffen Berger Chocolate
Beverages: Crystal Light, Coors Light (guess who?), Lime and Pomegranate juice, Babcock Chardonnay and Smoking Loon Pinot Noir

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