Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Car … A Car!!

Thanks to Rob’s brother, Dave, for lending us his car during a work day in San Diego.  We dropped him off at his business meetings, and took off with long lists of errands to run.  West Marine, Downward Marine, Watermaker specialist, Post Office, Bank, Taco Shop, Target, Vons, AT&T Store, Dive Shop.  We were laden with bags of supplies as we got back to our dinghy and motored back to the sailboat.  After putting everything away, Rob went off in the dinghy to visit the Mission Bay Aquatic Center, where he used to teach sailing courses during college.  I made a double batch of nutty cookies to start the provisioning process for our upcoming trip to Mexico.  We shared dinner together aboard Shindig with Dave that night, bbq’ed chicken and sausages, bow-tie pasta with mushrooms and cream sauce, romaine salad and some homemade cookie.  A very pleasant day!

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