Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fishing Tales

From Nancy

We’ve seen lots of sports fishermen at the Channel Islands and have been envious of the fishing tales of success, especially from neighboring friends who catch mackerel (bonito), halibut by just dropping lines off their boats.  Others have casually talked about going for lobsters at night, as the season just opened.  We are optimistic and have been acquiring some more fishing tools for the job.  However, our success has been ramping more slowly.  Rob caught our first small bonito by trolling a line as we left Santa Cruz Island and headed for Santa Catalina Island.  A few days later, things improved.  We had left Twin Harbors and stopped at Ripper’s Cove, where there are massive power boats and a few sailboats sharing the cove.  All were fishing, some even from their dinghys and SUPs.  Rob pulled up one larger mackerel, and as we got ready to leave, two more on a shared line.  We were ecstatic!  We headed for the night to a very pretty cove closer to Avalon called Buttonshell, with a private beach with campers kayaking and having fun.  Coincidentally we were assigned a mooring ball right next to a big fishing boat named Sea Dream.  The three men were busy cleaning fish off the back of the boat, and immediately generously offered us a calico bass.   Boy were we happy!

My plans for Surf and Turf that night, turned into Surf and Surf.   We chatted with them for a while, learning of their fishing experiences ins son was a grad from UCSB in Marine Biology and said that we will have similar fishing climates in Mexico.  We gave them some wine and treats as a thank you, and brought the fish back to the boat.  Rob and I enjoying both fish steamed in foil on the BBQ with garlic, lemon and spices, accompanied with pasilla peppers stuffed with brown rice, two cheeses, mushrooms and onions, and a red lentil curry on the side.  

Everything tastes better in the fresh air
One Fish, Two Fish

The next morning, they gifted us with two lobster tails, bounty from their night lobster fishing.  I surprised them with some warm banana, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  

Steak and Lobster

We are starting to "live off the sea", which includes generous gifts from fishing friends.

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