Monday, October 15, 2012

By the numbers

By Rob

So......., we have sailed (and motored) from San Francisco to San Diego.

Here's the data:

26 days
583 nautical miles
16 ports/anchorages

4 days - longest stay in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Harbor

3 hours - shortest stay at Rippers Cove, Santa Catalina

13.6 fastest recorded SOG (Speed Over Ground) - Monterey to San Simeon leg

110 gallons of fuel
16.6 generator hours
60 engine Hours
10 gallons dinghy fuel
4 spa or beauty appointments

$7.20 - the cost of 1 gallon of fuel in Avalon Harbor (didn't get any!)

3 fish caught - all Bonito

2 lobster tails (compliments of Sea Dream)

190 degrees: voltage regulator shuts down the alternator

3 - other Baja Haha crews were met along the way (Zoƫ, Autumn Wind, Sweet Cherri)

6 x $1 tacos at the Sandtrap at Avalon

Scariest moment : when the boat we were rafted to in Morro Bay caught fire

Best sailing : from Monterey to San Simeon

Biggest radar target in the fog:  Oil Platform Irene off Point Arguello
Oil Platform Irene

Random Blog Connection - Neighbor from the early 80's read the blog and contacted us in Monterey.  Had a great visit will Allan.

 Most Beautiful Beach - San Miguel Island - Cuyler Harbor

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