Monday, February 4, 2013

A Visit Home and Hasta Luego!!

We are returning from a whirlwind trip through the San Francisco area, Sacramento and Santa Cruz.
As we drove across the Golden Gate bridge towards our Sausalito dock friends, there was a deja-vu feeling, from the Sept 15th departure under the bridge.  Everything felt the same, except it had taken us three hours to fly home, after 140 days of going south. Even our previous slip was still empty.

It was so nice to spend time with  my mom, Margaret, who turns 87 February 23rd.  We had an early celebration with birthday cake with my sister and brother-in-law.  Other days were filled (ok, jam packed) with meals, walks, shopping trips, haircuts, dentists, doctors, tax and finance appointments.  Lots of catch-up meals and visits with friends. I may have overdosed on Asian inspired cuisine, as it is hard to find in Mexico.  I won't bore you with the details or photos, but there were many bento box lunches, sushi, Burmese, Asian-fusion and Malaysian meals with friends.  Two fun music practices  on my piano were enjoyed, which is being babysat at a delightful couple's home at Stanford. A special thanks to our friends who graciously offered up places for us to stay, including sailboats, craftsmen homes, guest bedrooms and even a motor home.  None were refused!

Will it take several days to ease into the Mexican lifestyle?   We hope so, as there are now more boat projects to finish up while we are still in Paradise Village Marina.  Rob was successful in scheduling the ordering and delivery of many boxes of  needed electronic parts.  We will be taking these down to Mexico, and are packed as efficiently as we can.  Thanks to friends who loaned us their extra large duffles with wheels!  With the addition of the Costco and Trader Joe's goodies, we don't know where all of this will be stored aboard Shindig.

It was a wonderful but fast trip home; we look forward to more relaxing visits this summer when we both return in July and August.   Hasta Luego - "See you soon"

Nancy and Mom

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