Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Brown Towel 2.0

We'd been back in Mexico for three days, and Nancy happily visited the local laundry mat to do three loads of laundry.  Not sure how we got so many things dirty in a short period of time?  Usually we use the local lavanderias where the service is fluff and fold - you drop off the laundry and then try to pick it up the next day... or the next.  But Shindig has been in the marina of a resort, Paradise Village, in Nuevo Vallarta.  This is vacation land;  there are timeshares, tequila pool volleyball, an air conditioned shopping center with McDonalds, Dominos, beauty parlors and a large, do it yourself laundry mat.  Yippee!!

After a couple of hours, the two brown towels were neatly folded, and draped just so over the shower towel rack.  Rob had just finished a MUCHO grande project, which he may share via the blog.  It was time to play tourist again and check out the pool, and the beach. 

Rob, "How are we for towels"?"
Nancy, with calm, steady voice, "There are two clean brown towels you can grab".

See how a trip home helps keep things in balance?

I am happy to report that we really used only one of the brown towels for our pool excursion.  It's 80 degrees here, and things dry fast.

Time to untie to bow lines, and scoot out of Paradise Village.  We are eager to get going back to both La Cruz, as well as explore Punta de Mita.  And maybe actually sail.   And there are many clean, folded towels onboard. 

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