Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Radar/Plotter install complete

I'm happy to report that the radar and plotter installation is complete.
As usual every cabinet was opened and emptied and every tool was used.
The radar works great and the new plotter is a nice upgrade from 1990's technology.

New radar dome attached to the mast

Running wires from the new plotter to the base of the mast

Contents of cabinet all over the place as wires are run

Raymarine e125 installed in a new Navpod under the dodger

One cool feature of the new plotter is that you can dump screenshots to a micro SD card.  This shot was taken as we were heading from LaCruz to Punta de Mita.

Things I like about the new setup:
  1. Integrated GPS in the head unit.  This alleviates the need for an external antenna.
  2. WiFi that allows you to remote view or control the plotter with an iPad.
  3. Electronic Navionics charts are MUCH better than the C-Map charts in the old unit.
  4. The display quality is outstanding.  The touch screen is nice and easy to use.
  5. AIS integration is great.  Our old plotter was made before AIS was available.
  6. Firmware upgrades are easy and can be done by me and not a Raymarine tech.
  7. All my existing ST80 instruments talk to the new stuff.

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