Saturday, February 23, 2013

Punta de Mita, La Cruz and back again

We're back to a week or two of real water play here in Banderas Bay.  After our trip home, we were eager to go exploring more of the greater bay, and actually don swim suits as our daily wear. 
Rob is getting very good at the SUP surfing.   We found a relaxing group of friends on the beaches of Punta de Mita (Mita for short) north of La Cruz.  Each day there would be radio talk on surf conditions and where to meet.  Several days a dinghy or two full of intrepid surfers, ages ranging from 10-65 would pile in with their boards, and head out to the 'happening' surf break.  Several hours later, usually after sunset, they would return, exhausted, but happy in their waveriding accomplishments.
I enjoyed exploring the small village of Mita, eyeing the dinner menus, possible sunset locations, and tiny tiendas as well as higher priced boutiques. Daily purchases would be fresh fruits and vegetables, but we enjoy dining out with friends each night.  With the nearby St Regis and Four Seasons, there is something for everyone.

Our Sailing buddies on a  reunion, margarita and dinner tour of La Cruz 

Victor completed our new cockpit cushions on time and on budget
Anclote (Anchor) Beach in Punta de Mita
The first of many fish taco plates 
Children's Mardi Gras parade in Punta de Mita
This is where we have been surfing at Anclote Beach.  The conditions here are perfect for  beginners.  You can catch waves all day.
Nancy and Elizabeth out for a morning paddle in La Cruz
Chicks on sticks - Cyn, Sue, Elizabeth and Nancy 
Nancy and Rob enjoying a day of sailing while Brian and Elizabeth captained our boat - Nice!

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