Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tourists not Sailors

Shindig in her slip

After several days in the Paradise Village Marina, we dropped all boat projects and agreed on a Tourist date.  I convinced Rob to meet me at the bus station and grab a bus down to Puerto Vallarta, where we could walk along the Malecon and enjoy the afternoon.  The bus stop was easy to find, as well as a bus, which we happened to pick with cushy seats and A/C.  The only remaining seats were elevated at the very back.  It wasn't the Directo bus, as we wound our way about 30 minutes in the wrong direction thru each turnabout in a 5 mile stretch of  condos and hotels.  Finally we turned south.  Each bump was not only back jarring, but I was actually flying in the air. Quite an entertaining ride.  Usually these outings start with adventurous intentions taking the bus, and then we take cabs back.

 The symbol of Puerto Vallarta, a statue of a boy riding a seahorse.
We loved the Malecon but it's been years since we've been here.  Fun contemporary art, people watching and many shops and restaurants.  We also made it to Neptune's Plaza near the older Marina, and enjoyed walking around even more boats.  With the San Francisco 49'ers Championship game on, Rob convinced me to stop by a local watering hole so we could enjoy the final quarter.  The waiter was extra accomodating with his free card for welcome margaritas and chips and salsa, so we tucked into a table at Neptune's Plaza and had fiery chicken wings and a club sandwich.   Even Rob was impressed with my bottomless appetite.

Art on the Malecon

Malecon on Sunday

 Sand Castles Art Work

A work in progress

Example of Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) art

King Neptune near Old Marina

Male Gringos checking out the score during the 49'er championship game.
 Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe - one block from the beach

Beautiful Metal Work

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