Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nancy's wild ride in Mazatlan

After 60 days at sea, ok, not that much, it was time for some serious beauty work here in Mazatlan. My destination was TippyToes, a highly recommended day spa near the ocean and historical district.  At the urging of some new boat neighbors, this would be a good way to try out the local bus system.
The buses run very regularly and usually air conditioned, and cost 9 pesos. (less than a dollar).  I found the bus stop and chatted up an English speaking woman, following her onto the deserted bus. She was from the States and spends a lot of time here.  She showed me the bus route on my map, pointing out her exit and where I should get off.  It seemed pretty straight forward.
We started our slow crawl downtown and were diverted off the beach drive due to the remnants of a big parade for Mexico's Revolucian day.  It was a great way to see lots of young people in various costumes, mostly cheerleading and marching uniforms, walking thru the streets.  Soon we were in a downtown area with many shops and more people.  I eyed my watch and noted we had been on the bus 45 minutes and my appointment was in 15 minutes.
Suddently she got up and left.  Didn't seem to be the Central market area she had showed me.  Then I looked around the bus and there were a couple of other Americans/Canadians on the bus who also bolted.  An older woman looked at me and said "I have no idea where I am".  "Me, neither!" I replied.
As my appointment was now in 10 minutes, I waited a couple of blocks, and then jumped off the bus.  With no directional sense, I ran into the street to flag down the trusty Pulmonia, which is Spanish for pneumonia.  They are open aired golf carts w/ VW engines that serve as public transporation around Mazatlan.  With 80 degrees and humidity, they are a nice alternative to a cab.
For 30 pesos more, he delivered me to Tippy Toes.

5 Minutes later I was sipping a glass of white wine, talking to some Seattle based snowbirds about their love of Mazatlan, and soaking in a margarita mango scrub.  Bueno!!  

After 3 hours of pampering, I learned the place did not take credit cards.  I was able to borrow 100 pesos from a fellow woman sailor at the spa to be able to pay an adequate tip.  Then arrived back at the Marina with 10 pesos in my pocket.    Rob and I are heading to the ATM this am early!

Pulmonias - fun mode of transportation in Mazatlan
The entrance to Bliss

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