Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bahia Santa Maria

We are at Bahia Santa Maria, an remote wide bay with several small structures on land representing fishing camps. Yesterday we went out in the dinghy to explore the beach landing area, and the upstream mangrove waters, which revealed more shacks and local fisherman working on their pots and boats. As there were no women or children, and the boats have large outboard engines, we think their catch is transported to larger fishing boats in the ocean, and then taken to market, likely Cabo San Lucas?
Rob went out on the stand up paddle board in the surf, Nancy invited a fellow musician over to play the keyboard and all four of us had a very nice potluck dinner aboard our friends' catamaran with 2 other couples and crew. Our supplies are getting low, but we were able to contribute Nancy's famous clam dip, chicken and pepper kebobs and a homemade meditteranean style fish stew with brown rice. A great day.
Today we will join the entire fleet of 300-350 people on the beach as this tiny locale turns into a temporary restaurant and live rock and roll band for the day. It'll be an afternoon of socializing with new friends, and exchanging more sailing stories before our departure tomorrow am at 7AM. The final leg towards Cabo is 180 miles, which will probably take 20-22 hours. Rob and Nancy are watch partners this time, heck, maybe Nancy will be able to get some shuteye in the cockpit on their 1-4AM watch. HeHeHe.

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