Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cabo Tomorrow

Shindig is motoring South with the rest of the Baja HaHa fleet and we expect the wind to cooperate later this afternoon.

We have been doing a lot of spinnaker work on this trip and I expect this afternoon and this evening we'll do some more.

Dan has been doing much of the foredeck work and has it wired now. Most of the sailing has been directly down wind so we have been polling out our asymmetrical spinnaker with great success. It allows us to sail much further down wind without interference from the main.

The water temperature is 78 degrees and it is 86 in the cabin right now. It is warm.

Bahia Santa Maria was a wonderful stop. Nancy and I got to do some surfing both days and the group party on the bluff was perfect. I'll post photos when we get to Cabo. It is a beautiful spot.

Current position 24 degrees 10 minutes North by 111 degrees 26 minutes West.

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