Thursday, November 22, 2012

I don't know why you say Goodbye..I say Hello! (Adios)

We've heard a lot about the tight knit Cruising community and are now experiencing it ourselves.  One unique part is how quickly friendships are formed.  Over a few minutes, one can exchange a lot of information and personal sharing, not because it's a requirement, but maybe more a relief to have someone that may have gone thru similar things to arrive at the same marina, dock or sailing adventure. Generosity of friends includes loaning of bicycles, car rides, spare parts, extra supplies, books, invites to "come aboard". Here is Mazatlan, there is a daily 8am radio check in on the VHF.  After the intros and calls for any emergency news, it's an open forum for offers to help.  Those traveling via plane to the US offer to drop mail in the States for others. 

We met boats the first month out that we may never see again.   Zoe, from Bainbridge Island, WA, was our first boating friend, met in Santa Cruz on our 2nd day out.  Our final week at the San Diego dock now feels like old boating neighbors: Kiapa, Taj, Calyposeau, before joining the other 115 HaHa sailboats. In addition to the HaHa boats, identified by turquoise burgees flying high on masts, under the Mexican flag, there is a wider community of cruisers (aka sailors) in Mazatlan.  Here there are sailors that live on their boats and in this marina, for years!  When we pulled in two days ago, in 10 minutes, we were given overviews on where to eat, do laundry, find a margarita and catch a cab.  Wow!

There are no goodbyes, as it would simply be overwhelming.  Emails and blogs keep each other current, as well as the general look around a Harbor or Marina,  to recognize boat names and the friends we know or may soon know...

We will be spending Thanksgiving at a Cruiser's dinner in Old Mazatlan.  We were given free tickets from S/V (Sailing Vessel) Wizard as they have other plans.  Am sure it will be a festive atmosphere.  We have so much to be thankful for. 

Happy Thanksgiving to our Friends and Family, Near and Far. 

Nancy and Rob

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