Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baja Haha Photos

The 10 day trip from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas was awesome!  Here are a few photo highlights

"Mary Anne" with signage

Gilligan's Island crew, including a last minute addition of "Ginger"
Mary Anne and Simon, a fellow sailor from Austrailia

One of many caught fish that were too small to keep

Quintessential sailboat sihouetted by sunset

Pretty clouds and sea

Spinnaker flying

Rob and Catch of the Day

Dan smiling at Sunset

Shindig and Sweet Cherie (Julia and Josh) on the beach in Turtle Bay

A Bountiful Potluck at Bahia Santa Maria

Polling out the Asymmetrical spinnaker worked great

Dan, Bert and Nancy in cockpit - warm sailing and light winds

Pork chops, stuffing and green peas for dinner

Sunrise in Bahia Santa Maria
Fleet pictures at Bahia Santa Maria

Bahia Santa Maria - fish camp

Rob with homemade lure

Sunrise at Bahia Santa Maria (Taj and Vakasa)

Bahia Santa Maria

Great surfing at Bahia Santa Maria

Lazy afternoon sailing before the Night Watch

Cabo's Lover's Point

Bert at the slip in Cabo

Talent Show: The Sisu brothers perform their New Zealand haka chant

Winning couple from "here to eternity" contest

Aurora crew on swings at the palapa bar

Impressive Fireman acrobats in Cabo San Lucas
Rob recruits new crew in Cabo San Lucas

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