Friday, November 2, 2012

Day Two at Turtle Bay

Surprised to find Internet this am, our last day at Turtle Bay.   There is a big beach party bbq this afternoon that all will attend.  Sand castles, bocce ball, volleyball, fresh fish bbq, potluck, air jam and talent contests, etc.  It will be fun, but a low key night, as we all leave tomorrow at 7am on the next long leg, 240 miles.  I just finished a galley cooking spree to get ready for the next few days, made brown rice, chocolate cookies, and the salad for today.  We'll have our chicken enchiladas and rice bowls along the way.  After experiencing the last long leg, now I know a little more what to expect.  The four hour on, four hour off is a little bit like having a newborn baby, in a very small space.  Rob and I did not share the last watch schedule; we would wave at each other before jumping into our berths for a few hours of sleep at night.  Fortunately during the warm, sunny days, the four of us would find ourselves up above, enjoying a few hours of sun and talk, before getting ready for the night watches again.

Some of the highlights in the last few days are: kids trick or treating via dinghy last night, $1 Coronas, getting over "mic fright" to use the VHF radio well for communications, meeting in person many of the friends we've made on the radio at night, the locals in Turtle Bay and our limited Spanish/English exchange, finding a nice lavanderia to do 12 lbs of our laundry, the great camaraderie of our Shindig crew. 

Here is a link from the departure 'lectronic latitude online, which was from the departure parade in San Diego.

Also, Umberto, our San Francisco/Delta mascot pinata, has now found a new home.  He left our clutches filled with candy at the  San Diego costume party with a few stickers and instructions on where he needed to go.  Today one of the boats on the radio Net called us asking for "what this pinata was for?" and now the pinata is making his way, via dinghy, to S/V Fluenta, which young Jonathan and Victoria reside.  We know they will share the candy with their new friends. 

Here are a few photos from the San Diego to Turtle Bay leg.

Fleet of sailboats leaving San Diego

Sunset with sailboat on day one

Finally!  Our first yellowfin tuna!

Making ceviche and sashimi in the galley

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