Saturday, November 30, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, Cruiser Style

We flew back to La Paz the night before Thanksgiving.
While Thanksgiving is an American holiday, most of the cruisers, including Canadians, like to celebrate this day.  Many of the local friends, including marina staff, are also included in festivities.  The day began early with Nancy helping group of volunteers set up tables, chairs, linens for over 200 cruisers at our marina.  Rob had volunteered to be a turkey carver, but was assigned to the Turkey table, to help provide servings of white and dark meat.  We had a grand time.  and got to say Hellos to several couples that had just returned to town.  As the sun set, there were several post parties, which ultimately ended up at yours truly, Shindig.  We had an impromptu music night with guitars, a mandolin, fiddle, autoharp, and vocalists.  It was a Thanksgiving in Mexico to remember!

Turkeys arrive!  Jeanne from La Paz Cruisers Supply (and Eagle) led the team of volunteers
Over 20 turkeys were cooked in town in one large oven.  Estabo Delicioso!!!

Nancy and friend were on the Sides & Salads Table
Amazing selection to choose from 

Rob and Dawn (SV Victory) get ready to serve over 20 turkeys

Chris and Chris from SV Scintilla
Rob finally sits down for his meal...
Deb from SV Scot Free, Eh?
Mike and Katie from SV Pangaea

Music Shindig - Scott and Mike
Music continues into the early evening

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