Sunday, November 24, 2013

Trip Report: A Desert Oasis in Cave Creek, Arizona

What a great reason to fly back to the States!  Our girlfriend Tana is getting married! We heard of the engagement in the summer, and made plans to be back to celebrate with them.  Our travel plans became a little more complex so we could make the most of the short visit back.  We decided to fly in and out of La Paz, sneak in a fun visit with Kaaren and Jim (Kaaren is Nancy's girlfriend from her first job at IBM in Santa Barbara) and extra bonus, see Rob's parents again for two nights in nearby San Diego.
Our trip North included a ride to the La Paz Airport, flying to Tijuana, taking a shuttle to the border, walking through customs, taking a larger shuttle from the border to the San Diego airport. After a brief layover, we hopped Southwest to the Phoenix airport, where Jim and Kaaren were waiting for us in the terminal.  They had flown in about 30 minutes prior.  Off we went to their new home.
Despite a little rainy weather, we enjoyed the beautiful surroundings, morning rides in the arena, admiring Jim and Kaaren's team roping practice, shopping trips, shooting practice at the range, a matinee movie, art walks, football games and lots of laughs and stories over delicious meals and wine. What a great visit.

La Paz Airport: Nancy with Elizabeth and Alan (SV Vivacia) - friends who had similar travel plans
The first shuttle in Tijuana
8 hours later - Paradise on the Desert !

Kaaren towing the Ropamatic machine during practice
Kaaren and Jim team roping - Kaaren in the foreground (Heeler)
Jim and Kaaren team roping - Jim (Header)
Rob operated the chute - Nancy stayed out of the way

Rob and Nancy watching the roping from the safety of saddles
Time for a cruise into town in Jim's 1970 Cadillac
 Enjoying REALLY good sushi and sashimi
Fun dinner and live music at Electric Eel, Cave Creek

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