Thursday, December 5, 2013

Passage from Baja to the Mainland

We have arrived on the mainland!  The passage from Baja to the Pacific side of Mexico was good.  We surprised ourselves and friends by deciding to leave last Sunday, a couple days after Thanksgiving.  The weather window looked too good to pass up, as there was a healthy Northerly coming down the Sea of Cortez.  We sailed fast to Muertos in about 8  hours, with winds about 15-20.  Then we needed to plan our remaining 254 nautical miles.  After a large dinner, we decided it was best to leave that same night at Midnight, to leverage the good wind, and minimize two full overnighters.  So up we were at 1130PM, sailed all night and day for the next 24 hours, and then motored the rest of the way to Isla Isabel, the first land stop.  After resting, we had a full day with hiking, paddle boarding, snorkeling and swimming before getting ready for our next shorter leg to the mainland.  We left at 545AM and arrived at Chacala, a quintessential palm tree little anchorage north of Banderas Bay.  We are here!

Side note.  Isla Isabel can be a challenging anchorage because of the rock bottom can eat your anchor.
Here are the secret GPS coordinates for a patch of sand in 30 feet of water.
 21 50.875 N
105 52.702W

With a healthy breeze on the beem, Shindig hit 9.3 knots going from La Paz to Bahia Muertos.  The trip was 8 hours, no problemo.
Rob sailing down the Cerralvo Channel towards Muertos.
Our large dinner the first night, Then decided to leave that night at Midnight
Beautiful sunset gets Nancy psyched for the overnighter

Day break, and it's time for a nap!

Land Ho!  Isla Isabel
Blue footed bobbies paired up 

Lizard friend

Blue footed booby watching Shindig in the anchorage

Isla Isabel: A quiet, peaceful anchorage

Lots of fish!
Chacala, View from Shindig
Can't wait to have lunch there tomorrow!


  1. Nice lil' passage, Kids! The photos are great. We're still in the yahd, but hope to splash today or tomorrow. See you soon! Wsea

  2. Hi Wendy, Thanks for the note. Hope Willow is splashed now, and you are on your way...We'll keep a look out for you! Nancy

  3. Good to see piggy is still keeping track of things on Shindig. Hard to believe it's been a year since we were there! PK

    1. We were hoping you would notice Ms. Piggy. Yes, it's been a while We miss you both, but are excited for your new adventure!!!

  4. Brings back great memories! Love that part of sailing...landfall and restaurants! I love my miss piggy, too!

    1. Sue and John, the three Miss Piggys will need to have a reunion!

  5. Hola Crew on Shindig. Thanks for updating about Isabel. Another of our favorite spots - we found that same sandy spot!! Also wanted to add that Calypso was a very favorite spot of ours in La Paz. The prawns in coconut! Oh my goodness! Wish I was there. Happy Holidays.

  6. GREAT to hear from you, Cap't David! Yes,we are enjoying re-visitng our favorite spots as well as finding new ones. We miss Zoe and hope to catch up with you both in the New Year.

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