Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Wedding & Family Fun at the Beach

Tana and Clint's wedding was beautiful. We are so happy for them. Some friends from the SF Area also attended so we got more hugs and laughs in together.

The beautiful bride and her father
The signature drink, "ClnTanaTinis"....Salud!
Family get togethers are always fun. In addition to Rob's parents, his brother Dave and kids, Ali and Nicky, joined us on the Silver Strand in their RV. And very spur of the moment, Nancy's brother and wife, David and Kathy, dropped by after landing at the San Diego Airport on to way to another family Thanksgiving.
We shared a long walk on the flat sand beach in Coronado, catching up on all the positive things that have happened since our last visit together in Park City

Of course we also got our errands to West Marine, Beverages and More, Trader Joes and Target, too. The US GNP rose slightly.

Bert, Nancy, Alice, David, Kathy, Dave and Rob
Peppermint Frappucinos in Coronado - just a little sugar...

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