Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vive la Paz (Peace Lives)

Nancy wants to get one of the bumper stickers that says Vive La Paz to remember the fun we've been having here.  We just found out that they are not available.  Several years ago the Mexican government gave them out as a promotion.  But Nancy is still looking...

Now we know why some cruisers call La Paz their home.  It would be easy to just stay here.  The town has resources, some infrastructure, a great gringo and sailing community, and warm, friendly locals who want to help.  And being just a few miles from the gateway to the Sea of Cortez makes island hopping a reality.

We probably spent more time in the city and the marina than we had planned.  Now Shindig is ready to continue her adventures in Mexico for the rest of the season.  Making new friends, and reconnecting with friends from last year, has made our return more enjoyable.

Nancy plays cello in the City Orchestra
First chair cellist is Emilio who studies in Mexico City

Some of the friends that joined us for the concert
Rigo (Heavy  Metal), Ken and Patty (Oogachaka),Katie (Pangaea)  

Fun reunion with Harry and Linda (Good Karma)
Calypso on the Malecon is a new favorite restaurant
Mike and Katie (Pangaea) with the Shindig crew

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