Thursday, August 3, 2017

On to the Tuamotos: 3 day Passage to Makemo

5-18-2017 to 5-20-2017:

The 500 mile passage from Nuka Hiva to Makemo was not the type of passage one writes home about. We don't have many photos as the first half was more like survival mode, very wet and uncomfortable. The waves were about 6-9 feet on the beam, with apparent winds reaching 32 knots,  On a positive note the boat was rocketing down the track at 7 to 8 knots.  There were frequent rain squalls, which immediately got us drenched and it was hard to stay dry, no matter how many changes of clothes or jackets we threw on.  The boat's motion made it was difficult to go down below, and we 'slept' either in the cockpit, or curled up in little balls wherever we could stay dry.  Nancy didn't feel well (was actually quite sick), and stopped eating and cooking for the first 36 hours.  Then she found out that Dramamine worked quick well, and perked up for the 2nd night shift, plus the following days and nights.  

Regular radio checks with friends on Alcyone and Pangaea and several other boats behind Shindig kept us company.

Day Two: We had an extra crew arrive!

When a bird lands on Shindig in the middle of the ocean, you wonder how far he's been traveling, where he is going, is he lost?  or...can he do a Night Watch? 

Watch this trick!  He tucks his head in for the night.  
Guess he won't be taking a Night Watch.

Our Crew stayed all night balancing on the pulpit.  The video below shows him waking up, shaking off the sleep, and taking off!  

Day 3: As we dry out, Rob is performing a rigging inspection after two rough days.

Land Ho - Makemo

There was a lot of anxiety about navigating our first atoll pass.  Much has been written about the big standing waves that can make passes difficult and sometimes dangerous.  The key is arriving near slack water and avoiding situations with high current against waves.  We arrived in the morning and the current was flooding into the lagoon and there was very little wind.  Our pass was uneventful with only 1.5 knots of current and small waves.   This was a welcome end to a challenging passage.

Shindig arrives in Makemo!   (photo courtesy of Douglas and Morgan on Tumbleweed)

A Welcome Rainbow over Lisa and Brian on SV Magic:  A Good Sign!

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