Friday, July 7, 2017

Nuka Hiva - The Admiral arrives

JD returned to California after enjoying two and a half weeks on the island.
A few days later, Admiral Nancy arrived in Nuka Hiva after sorting out her long stay visa in Tahiti.
Now I get to show her around to all the cool spots!

Nancy with local in the waterfall valley.

Rob saying hello to Paul's horse

 Katie, Mike, Nancy and Paul on our way to the waterfall near Daniel's Bay.

Nancy made a friend.

Nancy and Rob with Tiki

Nancy and Kate getting in some SUP time.

Sad little fish.   Send him back.

Lime trees everywhere at an anchorage on the north end.  We asked the owner if we could pick some.  He was so nice he gave us a box to help with the effort.

Limes!  Looks like we'll be serving Margaritas... Marquesean style 

Nancy and Rob at the overlook of Anaho Bay

Time for lunch after a very long and muddy hike

I'm having goat curry

Nancy is having the fish platter

Big manta rays at Anaho Bay

Lots of them

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