Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Makemo East

With strong east winds in the forecast the anchorage at the village gets a bit bumpy so we moved to the East end of the lagoon.

Alcyone, Magic and Pangaea joined in on the fun and we had a blast.

The winds were strong but the anchorage was very comfortable because there was little fetch.  This also made for perfect kitesurfing conditions. 

Party on Pangaea

Camp Makemo pearl buoy

Beautiful walks on the motu

Ladie's Time: Nancy picked up the three ladies each  morning for long walks on the beach

Katie, Lisa and Betsy

Example of buoying the anchor chain so you don't snag on the coral bommies

Sundowners on the beach.  Sponsored by Hinano

Water maker surgery.  Trying to fix a leak at the end cap of the pressure vessel.

Octopus in the shallows

Amazing sunsets looking west.

We are visited by three copra (coconut) farmers from the beach.
And gifted with coconuts.

Lisa with her favorite shell, Strawberry Crabs

Our new friend, David, who harvests coconuts on the beach.
He spent several days with us, taking us on hikes, demonstrating his craft.

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