Friday, August 18, 2017

Makemo Village and Drift Diving

The entrance pass near the village is a wonderful place to do a drift dive or snorkel.  One must pick the right tide though...
An incoming tide is best because you won't get sucked out into the ocean; also the water is much clearer on incoming tides.

Here are some photos and a video from one of our first group drift snorkels.  The technique is to take our dinghies out the pass, jump over with lines over the side of the dinghy and then drift back, with the dinghies, back into the anchorage areas.   It was lots of fun, and once the first drift dive was over, everyone enthusiastically said "can we do it again?"

Rob in the foreground and the crew of Wiz in the background

Morgan and Douglas from Tumbleweed joined us in our dinghy for the first  drift dive

Darryl, Cooper and Susan from Sailboat Wiz

Video is compliments of Morgan on Tumbleweed

A view of the pass with standing waves during an ebb tide

Nancy in the Village. She was surprised with the infrastructure,  clean sidewalks, friendly people and three stores

School is out for the afternoon

A bunch of cruiser friends hanging out near the little grocery market.
The back story is there was a rumor of a special veggies delivery that day at 10am.  Unfortunately something was lost in translation.... 
Defunct wind generators on Makemo

Pretty serious installation.  Too bad they couldn't keep it working.

Battery bank

Big nose cone!

Local dog with a good view of all the action from the middle of the street

Makemo was the first place we started thinking of kite-ing.  Here is Rob launching his kite from the municipal pier.  Pretty awesome!

Lovely anchorage

Action shot in the anchorage

Returning to Shindig using the safety line off the transom

Flat water goodness!

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