Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Not Who Moved my Cheese...but.....

Dec 8th

Not Who moved my Cheese, but …..

Who used MY brown towel?! I was reminded of the challenges and compromises of living on a sailboat recently when we were about 5 days from having clean laundry.  (No, there is not a front loading washer and dryer onboard.)  Many of the local villages have lavanderias, which will wash, dry and fold neatly one’s laundry for about 10 pesos (less than a dollar) a kilo.  Not bad!  However, we have been in “beach” mode lately, with swimming, short showers, sand etc.  Hard to keep a clean set of towels around.  I had brought out an old, but very clean, brown/white towel to reward myself after showering.  Rob was supposed to be using our blue towels.  I was reminiscing about clean towels as Rob went down below for his turn at the shower.
A few minutes later I saw my brown towel in a heap on the floor.  “Who used my brown towel?!”

That was a fun topic of conversation with friends under the palapa, as we all relate to the special things we appreciate on our sailboat lives.
If that is my chief complaint, I think we are doing very well!

And, the last stop in La Cruz included a lavanderia visit with 3-4 loads of laundry done and delivered to our sailboat.  Clean towel days are here again.

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