Sunday, December 2, 2012

Galley Time

Galley Organization

5AM – Buenos Dias!

We are looking forward to Bryan’s visit in a few weeks after he finishes up his finals at Northeastern. Am sure we’ll spend most of our time sampling the restaurants in the marinas and resort hotels of Barra, but it’ll be fun to make some meals aboard Shindig as well.  Time to assess and to organize the galley!

I’ve learned that talking about our freezer is not a popular topic among our new friends, as many have the equivalent of small bread box.  Ours is separate from the ‘fridge and deep enough to have things lost in it.  We are very spoiled aboard Shindig.  When we left home, it was filled with homemade pasta dishes, meats and staples for our trip down to Cabo with Bert and Dan.  Now the supplies are dwindling, which is ok, as we have access to small “tiendas” (shops) in most places we visit.  I am always on the hunt for plump limes,  fresh white onions, green peppers and bananas wherever we go. 
Key items being saved for our family time with Bryan include jumbo camarones from Mazatlan, some nice rib eye steaks ,  one tray of green chicken enchiladas and banana bread from San Blas.  Should be a nice break from his dorm food.

This morning I also reorganized the two stacking plastic bins, which are now the ships pantry.   

There are still ingredients to make homemade cookies,blueberry sourcream coffee cake,  as well as energy bars, candy, trail mix and fiber sticks ready for future hikes or snorkeling trips. Our favorite snacks for entertaining, such as Trader Joes potato and lentil snack, mixed nuts, water crackers, are dwindling.  We’ll decide what to stock up on and lug down to Mexico in February, after visiting the Bay Area. In a separate blog post, I’ll visit a common cockpit topic, “Wine Strategies in the Tropics”.  
Now for my second cup of coffee.....

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