Friday, December 7, 2012

Bonita Chacala

We spent 4 or 5 days anchored outside an idyllic Mexican fishing village called Chacala.  It was a tiny town, with a couple of dirt and cobble roads on a hill behind the beach.  In addition to the pretty haciendas on the hill, the beach was lined with adjacent palapa restaurants beckoning our time with cool drinks and plentiful seafood.  There were about 8-10 boats in the harbor each day.  Shindig had planned to be there a few days, but our "plan" extended each afternoon as we played in the surf and chatted with our friends in the shade.  The sailboaters took over long tables and set up shop for the day, which included admiring the S/V Fluenta family doing home-schooling with their 2nd and 4th grade kids. Local vendors strolled through each restaurant with pretty handicrafts for sale.  Nancy was recognized for her volume discount requests and general negotiating skills.  "si compro tres, cuanto me cobra?"  (if I buy 3, how much?)
Our group of friends were pretty active.  We body surfed, walked the beach, went scuba and snorkeling, and dinghy exploring.  Other wiser couples hung out under the shade with cool limonadas and fast internet.  Each day the waves and surf break got a little bigger.  At first we could easily dinghy to shore, and help pull each other's dinghies up high on the beach.  Later the surf was so big that only the intrepid kayaker or Stand Up Paddler could try to make it ashore.  There were several fantastic dinghy landing and exits late at night.  Rob helped others make it back to their boats, as well as ferry others to and from their boats. 
Here are some photos from a week in paradise. It just keeps getting better!

Chacala Beach, looking south towards Wellness Retreat Center

Sue (S/V Wizard)  and Nancy with non alcoholic Pina Coladas
A Busy Day at Chacala Beach

Nancy Scuba Diving

Mexican style grilled fish - Sarandeado Style
Muy Bueno!

Los Hombres in lazy afternoon
Frankie, Phil, John and Rob under the palapa of knowledge.

John (S/V Wizard)  and Rob kayaking in the waves
Our sailboats in background

Wild beach party in Chacala
Just kidding!

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