Wednesday, December 26, 2012

East of Denver

This morning I was calculating our progress since we left San Francisco and we have traveled more that 1700 miles.

As we head South we have done a fare bit of easting.  In fact, we are east of Denver Colorado now.

If you want to track Shindig on the map here are a few links.

Via the spot tracker (Thanks Matt!) :

We turn this on and put out position reports when we leave and arrive at an anchorage. On longer trips we'll turn on automatic position logging and updates are made every 10 minutes or so.


This position is updated when I connect on the ham radio and the reported position sometimes lags a day or two.
A small version of this YOTREPS map is on the front page of the blog too.

This afternoon, Shindig will be on the move.  We are leaving Barra de Navidad and sailing 20 miles South to a small anchorage North of Manzanillo for some snorkeling.

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