Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Rum in the coconut

After a week in Nuka Hiva, Tom and Sylvia flew out to Raiatea to reunite with Cinnabar in time to fetch all the goodies that the freighter soon would deliver.

JD had his flight scheduled two weeks later so we decided to go explore more anchorages and circumnavigate the island.

Here are some photos from the second week in Nuka Hiva.

This is Paul.  He lives in the valley at Daniel's Bay.  We got to know Paul well over our stay.  He was a wonderful guide in the valley and very generous with limes and other fruit on his property.

We gave Paul and his little dog a ride from Daniel's bay to Taioha'e Bay aboard Shindig and then dinghied him ashore.

Fixing boats in exotic locations!  Thank you Tom for cleaning up melted and charred connections in the water maker control box.

French election time.  Who are you voting for?

New Tiki monument in Taioha'e bay

Locals paddle in the bay most days.

The cruise ship is in town!  Here they come!

Welcome to Nuka Hiva.  We are cannibals! 

Sound the horn.  Prepare the pot.

I am hungry

This ship is one part freighter and one part cruise ship.  Brilliant idea!  We later saw this ship tucked into a small anchorage.  It is very maneuverable.  Check out Aranui 5

Shin-dinghy chilling in the shade

JD on one of our muddy hikes on the North side of the Island.

Did I mention.... Muddy?

Interesting vines reaching out on the sand.

Island coconut and human trash

How do you get into this coconut?  With a machete of course.


Overlook of Anaho Bay.  This was the bay we saw the cruise ship in.  Great protection and a reef to snorkel on.

Copra, which is coconut meat, on a drying table with resident cat and chicken.

Church on the North side of the island

Rum in the coconut!

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