Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Made it to La Paz

We had a great passage from Mazatlan to La Paz.  With our friend, Mark, aboard, we had a decent watch schedule (sleep!) and interesting conversations.  Mark is an expert in celestial navigation and helped us understand and appreciate much more the beautiful night skies.

Once in La Paz, Nancy's "to-do" list went into action.  What, a To-do list in Mexico?  She started playing piano and cello with music friends from the Escuela de Musica and local community.  Now she has a cello to practice for the month we're in town.  There is an art exhibit event April 25th where a trio will perform.  The school has invited her to play in their weekly rehearsals after Semana Santa, the Mexican holiday breaks, and she will be accompanying soloists in their practice work.

Rob took over the Shindig social calendar, which included attending several of the seminars around the local BayFest weekend. He is starting to really enjoy the new kiteboard, and spent several days at nearby Las Ventanas to "mow the lawn" with other wind enthusiasts.  The bay is beautiful, remote and usually consistently windy.  It reminds us of our early days in Maui, when we used to windsurf.

We love the friendly community here in La Paz.  The local Mexicans and sailing community are well integrated, and it is a joy to stroll along the Malecon, day and night, enjoying the warm sea breezes, city lights and families and pets.
With three marinas, and an anchorage, the social opportunities are endless.  We've already said Hello and Goodbye to several sailboats as they either make their way north to the Sea of Cortez for island exploration, or start going home for the summer.   The friendships and camaraderie is what makes this cruising life most spectacular.

Example of our navigation - the chart plotter with Chart and Data View.  23 hours to go on our 36 hour passage from Mazatlan to LaPaz

During the calm voyage, Mark and Rob try some fishing off the aft deck
You should have seen the one that got away!

Many friendly turtles, sometimes with birds on their backs, were sighted going across from Mazatlan to La Paz

Miss Piggy kept the galley grub decent, and the on watch crew awake.
The rare Dolphin photo!!

Sunrise on the water

We flew our spinnaker on the last few hours of the crossing

Rob kite-surfing in La Ventana
Colorful Kites laid out on the beach at La Ventana

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