Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Campamento Nancy (Camp Nancy)

Camp Nancy, in La Paz, has been a great experience for me!  
While Rob and JD sailed Shindig north into the islands, I enjoyed having free time to really get to know La Paz.  No worries, this is a good time for all parties. They are having a great time on their Boys Trip. I look forward to catching a bus up near Loreto to meet up with Rob and Shindig soon.  

Crazy Stairways to apartment
Cuidado! (Be careful) 

Home Office under the grass palapa roof - The Internet is only passable from this little corner on the rooftop. 

A small studio, but much more room than on Shindig!
And I've already rearranged the furniture...
My apartment for the month is safe, furnished and is on the 3rd floor, with a funky rooftop patio and ocean view.  There are a couple of other apartments rented out, coincidentally to visiting professional musicians from Spain. They know I am open to their practice.  Has been interesting to have a French Horn player practicing right outside my little studio.  With the barking dogs, roosters and cars, I am getting a good dose of citylife.
There are many excellent restaurants within easy walking distances. The Malecon, La Paz's oceanside walkway, is one block from my apartment.  It is fun to join the early morning walkers for exercise at dawn, and then go out again at sunset, to enjoy the balmy, cooler air.  
Sunset from Apartment
The Spanish language school, Se Habla....La Paz, happens to be right across the street.  So off I went for a couple weeks of private Spanish lessons.  Now I really am dangerous.
Practicing with our trio started immediately; we had a performance to get ready for!  Annette and Jaime were great ensemble partners.  We learned a lot from each other musically during this time.
A young cellist friend, Emilio, generously loaned me his own cello for the full month.  The Escuela de Musica has welcomed me to come play with their orchestra as well as help young musicians with some of their solo works. 

First practices in Galerie Medusa with Jaime (cello) and Annette (viola/violin)
Entrance of Galerie Medusa, where Jaime and his artist friends kept the keyboard.
That's my borrowed bike and backpack, waiting for them to show up.
The Performance - a Live Trio playing during A Childrens Art Exhibit Opening
I can only describe it one of many "La Paz Moments"
Puedo usar el grande piano?  (Can I use the grand piano)
One of the pianos in a lecture hall,  "LIKE" 
While many of our friends have cars and are generous with offering rides around town, after about two weeks of bumming rides, hopping buses, walking and borrowing a bike, it was time for some power shopping.  A very industrious young woman, Lupita, offers a service for cruisers and other visitors as a personal assistant.  She will run errands, serve as a translator, give private Spanish lessons, clean interior of boats, and be a great guide.
I wanted some help navigating a local upholstery store.  She picked me up promptly in her little VW and after getting the upholstery project scoped out, we hat time to hit some of her favorite stores.  I wanted to see where the locals buy their gifts and clothes as well as get recommendations on hair and other day salons.  Turns out Lupita re-sells clothes and makeup that she purchases on sale in the States.  After our tour of the shopping centers, she invited me to go to her family's house, where in her small bedroom, she has clothing racks and makeup displays ready to sell.  She was excited to be going to San Diego soon, via Ensenada and Tijuana as she will be buying more items to resell.  We had a great morning together, and she'll coming with me to my hair appointment this week.
I agreed that she had a dream job.

Lupita and her clothing rack

Cinders, one of two Greeter dogs on staff at the Spanish School

Alexa, mi Maestro en Espagnol

Kids dancing in the street
Favorite Carnitas Taco stand - right around corner from music practice

20 peso snack after practice 

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