Monday, September 30, 2013

What we did for Summer Vacation

After summer break, it's only natural to write about what we did for our Summer Vacation.

We sum up our time spent ashore as thoroughly enjoying time with friends and family.
At the end of the summer, we are tired, but thankful that we had great visits with quality time together. Kind of like having the Holidays in the summer.

North American Tour
With family located across the US, we spent lots of time and resources flying around to visit and to play with them.  Highlights of trips included spending several weeks in the New England based family "camp", which is now owned by Elaine and JD (Nancy's sister and husband).  Rob and JD worked hard to shore up electrical and plumbing infrastructure while Elaine and Nancy organized, cooked, and cheered on the good progress.

The family camp in Vermont.  Time to hay.  John Amey was hard at work getting all the haying done so the cows have something to eat this winter.

Vermont / New Hampshire Border: Rob and Nancy at the Connecticut River
This is a very remote area in the woods, beautiful and rustic.We took a break from the hard work each day to venture 15 miles in either direction to have Internet (and ice cream), or Internet and a latte.

Hiking break near the summit of Mt. Success in New Hampshire.

Moose Alley Cones are the best!

Nancy's younger brother Daniel met us up in Montreal for four days.  We embraced the city, savoring fresh local markets, enjoying historic neighborhoods and bistros, marveling at the Olympic Park, touring museums.  Great family time.

Bryan has started his internship with GE Aviation north of Boston.  Nancy enjoyed helping him move into his temporary housing, and cooked many meals to keep him going.  After our time in Vermont, we spent more time with him, and were pleased with how well he is doing.

Rob and Bryan geeking out in Lynn, MA

A day trip up to nearby Marblehead, MA, enabled us to visit the East Coast Corinthian Yacht Club, where we enjoyed a lunch on the water, and missed our own CYC in Tiburon a bit more.   On the way back to California, we flew to Park City Utah and spent several days with David and Kathy.  We enjoyed hiking, biking, and catching up in the beautiful mountain town.  Then back to Northern CA for more visits with Nancy's mother who is doing very well at age 87.  She is currently writing her memoirs and will be publishing them this fall.

In early August, we relaxed with Dan and Betsy on their sailboat in the Sacramento Delta amongst a flotilla of Sausalito based sailing friends.  The sail up to the Delta was amazing and the weather was hot, just like Mexico.

Sunset at Three River Reach just off the San Joaquin River

After returning the the Bay Area we got to take in some of the The Americas Cup racing, and we juggled time between Silicon Valley, Sausalito and Sonoma County visiting friends.  In case you missed it, Oracle Team USA had an incredible comeback, to win the final race against Team New Zealand.

Thank you Matt & Julie, Cindy, Julie, Harry & Linda and Kevin for your lovely and generous accommodations -  far superior than our description of "couch-surfing" as our home is still rented out.

In front of the Americas Cup trophy

Oracle out testing with both boats before the start of the regatta

Oracle leading the Kiwis in race 13.  Photo by Tom MacDonald

Oracle Team USA moments after crossing the finish line
Rob enjoyed flying his electric powered RC airplanes with his buddies, and ordered more Ardiuno (microcontroller) equipment to bring to Mexico.  He has some new ideas for new electronic wizardry aboard Shindig.

This summer Rob also got some good tinkering time with the Model T, and hopes to debut her next summer.

1919 Motel T.  Got the body panels painted and installed

Nancy reconnected with her music friends through the cello and her piano.  She practiced, and played in several orchestra sessions, string quartets, piano duets.

Our home is now rented for another 12 months and our hearts (and storage containers) are full.
We ended the summer in Southern CA again, visiting Rob's family, and organizing the many shipments of parts and must-have supplies (Solar Panels and  California wine) that we will bring down to Mexico.

Shindig is waiting patiently for our return.  It's time for more adventures in Mexico!

Significant Highlights:

Moose in the front yard: 1
Airline tickets purchased: 14
Air Miles: 8000 each
Number of babies held: 2
Wedding engagements announced: 2
America's Cup races watched: 19
Trips to Trader Joes: >28 

Nancy admires Lucas Birch, 4 mos

Conor, Nancy's godson, displays his pants from Matagascar trip.
He was on a journalism internship in Ghana  thru University of Oregon.

Dan in favorite perch aboard Isla Mia
Dan was also part of our Baja Ha Ha crew and Banderas Bay Regatta in Mexico

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