Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Station Break for

"It's time for Summer Break!"   

Thanks to all of you for your feedback on our blogs, either via email, in person or with the comments field.  The main reason we've kept the blog is to have one place where our friends and family can see photos, track our progress and be  part of our sailing adventure.  We also have enjoyed being accountable to the blog, and collecting an archive that will be a great travel diary for ourselves.

With that in mind, we've decided that will be on Holiday until we return to La Paz next Fall.  If you'd like to keep in touch with us, you can find Rob on Facebook.

BTW, if you are driving down to La Paz sometime between  mid-September - early October, let us know. Rob is looking to drive down with some boat parts that would be difficult to fly down with.

Our summer calendar is pretty full with travels to Southern and Northern California, Boston, Vermont, Montreal, Park City and the San Joaquin Delta.  Photos below are from the first "on land Shindig" with Rob's family in Canyon Lake.

Our first season in Mexico has been wonderful.  We have met amazing people on land and on the water.  As we put this year cruising season in the record books, here are the stats.

Nautical Miles traveled: 3186
Months since SF: 9.5
Countries Visited : 2
Anchorages/Marinas Visited: 53
Engine Hours: 329
Generator Hours: 155.6
Gallons of Diesel Fuel Consumed: 684 , ~3.85/gallon
Gallon of Gasoline Consumed: ~45
Gallons of water made: ~450 (consumed more but we took on water at marinas)
Photos taken: ~9000
Fish caught: ~20
Keepers: 3
Peso/Dollar Exchange rate: 11.29 - 13.25 (17% swing)

Wishing you all a Happy and Safe Summer!!  - Nancy and Rob

Another Birthday Celebration for Nancy- with Novak family July 2nd

The handsome Novak men - Rob, Dave and Bert

The Kids: Ali (13), Bryan (20) and Nicky (9)

The Novak gals

Rob's Birthday Dock Party - May 16th
"Hasta Luego" : See you all in Mexico next Fall

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