Monday, July 1, 2013

Closing Time in La Paz

We returned to La Paz after a month in the Sea, knowing it was our turn to get Shindig ready for the summer.  Our list of to-do's is long.  We also had several boat resources scheduled to start projects such as making a custom boat cover to shade as much as possible, do some varnish work in the interior, as well as thorough interior cleaning after four weeks of sand, sunscreen and bare feet.  My list includes going to as many day spa's as possible - just kidding. But it is time for some basic clean-up for both of us such as haircuts so that we look decent when we come back to the States.  No, Rob is not growing a pony tail this year!

The docks at Marina Palmira are quieter as many of the the seasonal cruisers have already gone home.

The temperature is rising, high 90's most days and sun, sun sun. I try to make it out for early morning exercise walks with the locals to return to the boat before 8am.  After a morning of chores or errands, we stay out of the sun by mid-afternoon, hiding down below in the boat with fans or AC, take siestas, catch up on videos and emails, and then venture out around 7pm or so.

Yes, there are several impromptu Shindigs, as we all need a break from the hard work.  A memorable one was with Tom and Sylvia from Cinnabar and Ken and Patty from Oogachaka was called "Bilge Bulge".  The idea was not to buy anything, but be creative from what you might have in your galley or bilge.  It was another fun Shindig that went quite late. We also celebrated a joint birthday bash with John and Deb from Scot Free Eh, Curtis from Aurora, John from Swagman at the swanky Azul Marino in Costa Baja.  June 30th was my actual birthday.  We celebrated with our good friends Patty and Ken from Oogachaka, starting with an incredible seafood lunch with champagne at McFisher.  The afternoon highlight was a trip to the Platino theater, which is a very upscale Air Conditioned (of course) theater with assigned leather recliner seating, a cocktail waiter, and chairside lamps.  We enjoyed the only English movie playing at that time, World War Z - for Zombie.  After a drink at the Dockside cafe, we said our goodbyes, and then decided to sneak in one more meal at Rancho Vieja, known for their arrachara meats.  It was a great day.

Here are some photos of the hard work and play in La Paz.
Not much room for the keyboard!

Full boat cover under construction

Two June birthdays, Nancy and John
Don't look at the numbers too closely!

Bilge Bulge Party
John from Scot Free, Eh
Azul Marino, La Paz
Nancy's Birthday Margarita at Rancho Vieja

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