Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chamela with rose colored glasses

Good news!! Captain Rob is feeling much better, after several days down with a bad cold.  (And when the Captain is down, the whole boat is down)  On our trip north, we are now poised to round  Cabo Corrientes, which is the point just south of Banderas Bay, our destination.  We're about 95 miles away from Banderas Bay.  Corrientes has a reputation similar to California's Pt. Conception, so weather windows, sailor knowledge and common sense, as well as healthy captains, are mucho importante. 

Rob and I made it to shore today, via our large SUP.  We both sit on our knees, and take turns paddling.  It's a little wet, but fun.  Once ashore, we had a full view and access to the beautiful Chamela anchorage.  The beach must be over 6 miles long, a long crescent shape, very lightly populated with an occasional fishing panga, a few restaurants and vacation lodges.  There are a few super happy dogs and a handful of people spread out over miles of brilliantly golden sand. I had to take off my sunglasses to absorb all the colors.  The deep contrast between sand and blue water reminded me of the  final scene from the movie Shawshank Redemption, when Timothy Robbin's character finally reunites with Morgan Freeman's character on a remote Mexican beach.  That was supposedly Zihuateneja, but I think Chamela wins hands down. 

With 10 sailboats in the anchorage, we've learned that two others are also planning to head North tomorrow. The weather window looks good for our first 50 mile leg. We heard that that anchorage will have room for us, so that the final leg, around Cabo Corrientes, will be a "breeze".  
Some homemade coconut oatmeal cookies are waiting patiently for their debut tomorrow. 

Internet is very spotty here, and uploading photos takes too long.  Will post some when we're back in the mecca of sailing, Banderas Bay. 

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