Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Paddling for Wendy - Hello Sunshine!

The annual Harker Board SUP day in La Paz was something we really wanted to do.  Last year we stumbled on this fun event and formed a relay team of cruisers.  Rob,  Katie & Mike from SV Pangaea and Wendy from SV Willow made up the team and did admirably.    In the all women short course later in the morning, Wendy went on to place first.  Nicely done!

Last Year: SUP Relay Team Katie, Mike, Rob and Wendy

Wendy on Relay Race last year
We were all excited to participate again this year.

Saturday, our enthusiasm and team spirit was extra strong as we were paddling for Wendy, who is fighting her battle with cancer.

Team Pa-Shin (Pangaea/Shindig) paddles for Wendy on Willow

Wendy was not able to be here with us in La Paz this year, but her infectious spirit and optimism is felt everywhere by those know her.  We've had some fabulous times together, in secluded anchorages, at "safety meetings" in the Marina, at endless music and birthday celebrations and out with the girls in La Paz for sushi.

Wendy, you are our Hero. We are sending your unique greeting and love back, with a Big "Hello Sunshine"!!

Team strategy before the race 


Double Awwwww!
Some pre race thinking. (Nancy has a new friend) 
Bus takes racers to their designated transition spots
Warm up before start of the race:  Rob in green shorts/funny white hat
Nancy warming up 
Katie on leg three

Mike finishes strong for the Team

Nancy in her Happy Place

Harker Board staff serving limonadas
View from Harker Board roof patio 


  1. Nancy, Rob, Katie and Mike,

    You Crazy Kids!!! Looks like you had a FANTASTIC day on the water, and many laughs were had by all. I remember that day last year, and I laughed my hindquarters off, in between gasping for air! Fun times! Thank you so much for paddling in my honor! I truly felt the love! Today, some of my Hokuloa kids did the same in a race in Oceanside, and it was just as wonderful, and just as special! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I'm hoping to get down there soon for a visit. Keep your fingers crossed! Please tell everyone Hola and Feliz Navidad for me!
    Best Fishes and with love,

    1. Wendy!! Your parallel paddling teams are sure cheering for you. So glad to see your comments, and know that you were there with us every burning stroke.We just made it to the Mainland, with Mike SV Pangaea aboard Shindig. Sure hoping we can have our reunion on the southern or northern side of the Border soon. Love and Hugs from Team Pa-Shin.

  2. Love this post! What a wonderful idea and you all look terrific in the pictures. As we drove into La Paz we stopped at Harker Board and Vanessa mentioned you guys had participated in their event. Hope to catch up with you soon-ish on the other side.
    sv Cinnabar