Tuesday, December 23, 2014

On to Mainland Mexico

The Watch Schedule for our Passage to the Mainland 
It was time to go, and Shindig's departure date was set for the day after Nancy's orchestra concert. There was a nice Northerly wind forecast for our departure window, and we agreed to try to sail from La Paz straight to Isla Isabel, about 300 miles.  We were happy to have our sailing friend, Mike Gordon aboard so we could show him some new spots as well as share in the night watches and chores.  Mike and his wife, Katie, are planning to do a similar crossing in a few weeks, so that both boats can play together on the Mainland.

Mom and Dad Novak escorted us out the Channel and north towards the Islands.
Mike and Capt'n Rob ready for some strenuous sailing...Yes, they are barefoot.

We tried a new lure made by John, on SV TimePiece.  He had guaranteed we'd catch a Dorado...and that we did!
Nancy's meal plans were happily altered as we now had fresh dorado for dinners.
Turns out Mike also likes to cook (or do dishes).
A nice sunrise on our passage towards Isla Isabel

Nancy on the SUP at Isla Isabel

Isla Isabel: Described as the Galapagas Islands of Mexico
Sparsely populated by people, densely populated by birds
A panoramic shot from the top of the hill, overlooking the Fish camp and both anchorages
Blue footed Booby 

The only chick we saw during our hike.  Most birds we saw were keeping their eggs safe.
Nancy, waterbottle and FitBit at the top of the island

One of thousands of Frigate birds on the Island 
Mike and his bird friends

Deep Red Throat of a Frigate Bird 

We had to watch our step on the hike as there were dozens of Iguanas afoot
Surf and Turf aboard Shindig
Dorado, Chicken, Quinoa and Vegies

After checking in with the Port Captain in Chacala, we go exploring

First land fall on the Pacific Mexican Coast : Chacala, a pretty palapa-lined beach
Dinghy landings from the sailboat on the rocky and shell strewn beaches of Punta de Mita 
Enjoying our arrival at Punta de Mita

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