Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Summer Vacation

Picture perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge
*Photographer Bryan
Our summer was at a pace that even Nancy could not keep up with.  This is the 2nd summer without our home to go back to.  With the support of land based friends who offered up their homes, garage door entries, cars, temporary storage facilities for the growing luggage, and encouragement, (gracias, machas gracias!!)  we zig-zagged up and down the West Coast, with a 3000 mile detour to explore Acadia National Park near Bangor, Maine and the family farm in Vermont.  As Bryan is working full time in Silicon Valley on his internship, each stop naturally included another short visit into the San Francisco area.

For those that are interested in another description of Hurricane Odile's devastation on the Baja California Sur last month, check out a summary of what happened, recently posted on our friends' blog from Eagle's: Big Left Turn.
We are thankful for the support and continued communications from the Mexico based community of friends during the aftermath of the hurricane.  And we are very eager to return to our favorite cruising hometown of La Paz as soon as possible.

Here are some photos to catch us up to October.  It takes a lot of work to have this much fun!   

See you on the water soon.

Family Photo: Celebrating Tom and Jenny's San Francisco Wedding

Nancy racing the Allis Chalmers tractor around the farm in Vermont.

A Cruiser reunion in Los Altos with Sylvia
Tom was on the Pacific Cup sailing to Hawai'i

The Steinway has a new home and cover;  Kitty Cosmos stretches out on his new perch.
Nancy enjoyed playing her several times this summer.
Another Cruiser Reunion in Sonoma County w/ 1st year buddies
Sue and John (missing from camera lens) from Wizard; Michael from Patanjali (currently moored in South Pacific) 

Jenny and Tom and the  Gang
A Beautiful Wedding and Reception in Chinatown, San Francisco
The 1919 Model T Depot Hack debuts at Mom's retirement home in Placerville
JD and Rob 
Linda and Harry, Fabulous hosts aboard Rendez Vous on the Canadian Waterways
Spotted Prawns in Desolation Sound

Cracked Crab and Red Wine on the back deck

A night of Revelry with Glenda and Laird in West Vancouver, BC
We house and dog sat with Quinn, their Portuegese waterdog.
Many hikes with Jerry, daughter Andrea and the mighty pug dog Olive
British Columbia

Our buddy Quinn: Reading a bedtime story in West Vancouver

Quinn and Rob: Watching the Hurricane status in Mexico
A surprise visit with Kaaren and Jim and their new boat, SeaHorse
Victoria, BC
Engine room envy: Jim and Rob
Cruiser reunion with Barbara, SV Zoe, Seattle
Bryan hiking Windy Hill Preserve
A four hour hike is a great way to catch up

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