Friday, September 5, 2014

Oyster Magazine Article Published

This post breaks our "Blog is on Summer Vacation rule", but only slightly.

The attached article was just published in Oyster's Summer 2014 magazine.  It is a condensed version of our first 6 weeks of cruising south from San Francisco to Cabo San Lucas almost 2 years ago.
You may recognize some of the content from our earlier posts.   Hope you enjoy it....   We've been asked to submit another article for the next magazine published...sure glad we have the blogs to refresh our memory.

Rob and I are enjoying our summer travels across North America.  We're in West Vancouver, BC now. Shindig is safe and secure in the Marina Palmira in La Paz.  We are eager to return to our sailing adventures.  Send us a comment below, email or FB message.

The article starts on Page 85.

PDF here:

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