Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Santa Rosalia - A French mining town

The metal church in Santa Rosalia that was designed by Alexander Gustave Eiffell, the designer of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
By the time you read this, Shindig will be underway again, slowly making her way south towards La Paz.  

Nancy's bus ride up was uneventful.  An eleven hour bus ride now feels a little like cheating, from the sailing perspective.  Air conditioning, an assigned seat, continuous movies and the audible book, Log of the Sea of Cortez, made the time pass quickly.  Meanwhile, in Santa Rosalia, Rob was working hard to get laundry done, clean up the boat, while making friends on the small marina dock.  

The weather in the northern part of the bay had been pretty challenging.  Lots of northerlies coming up in the afternoons, sometimes blowing at night.  The beloved inflatable stand-up paddle board was blown off the boat 
Outside the breakwater, the northerly winds were picking up.  As boats straggled into the harbor, we helped them tie up and listened to each one's story of how their last passages have been.
Within 24 hours, we had a full marina, with many sailors and fishing boats all sharing common facilities, stories and adventure.  It was time for a Mother's Day Shindig.

Mother's Day Shindig - one of the more memorable get togethers with new and old friends
Kanga, Tisha Baby, Persistence, Leilani, and others joined the party.
View down the dock at Marina Fonatour

Morning Coffee bar  with Richard, Tisha Baby, without Coffee or Electricity
But Fast Internet
Inside the Santa Rosalia Church

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