Saturday, May 24, 2014

Boys Trip 2.0 - Timbabiche to Candeleros

In our second week out of La Paz we did many day trips from one anchorage to another.  In this part of the Sea of Cortez we mostly motored as the wind was less than 5 knots much of the time.  The mainsail is still out of commission but the good news is that I contacted my expert in the states and parts are available to make a repair.

Timbabiche mansion...  The story goes that in the 1920s a poor fisherman found an exquisite pearl in the bay.  He sold the pearl in La Paz and had enough money to build this mansion and start a fishing fleet.  As you can see the ruin is a shell of what must have been a grand home.

Perhaps a remnant from the old fishing fleet?

JD on the rock in Bahia Los Gatos.  The rock formations here are amazing.  When walking on them in the late afternoon shade you can feel the heat radiating from the surface.

The view from the hill overlooking Los Gatos.

What is this.... Lobster and scallops.  Si, Senor!

JD and I found two oarfish washed up on the rocks on Montserrat Island.   These are the strangest looking fish/sea serpents.

One of them paced off at 20 feet and the other 16 feet

Something to climb.

Here is your problem.....  The navigation light has been vandalized for the 12 volt battery and solar panel.

Montserrat Island has a beautiful beach on the North end.  This area is known for great diving.

Yellow bluffs at Yellowstone beach.  

If you look closely you can see Shindig in the anchorage and Shindinghy on the beach.

Candeleros Chico is a wonderful cove for a few boats.  This photo was taken on a hike South from the anchorage.

The resort at Candeleros (not chico) has six pools that make the shape of a sea turtle.
I also call this anchorage "wifi cove"  A great spot to get your internet fix.

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