Monday, March 24, 2014

March Madness

March is almost over, and we have been behind in updating the blog.  All for good reasons, as we've had a month of visitors in Banderas Bay. So fun to show off part of our life down here.  And it sure is refreshing to see Mexico from the enthusiastic eyes of visitors!

Bryan came down for a warm spring break away from college in Boston.  We enticed him with lots of good taco stands, a few nights at the Westin so we could spread out, walking foodie tours of old town Puerto Vallarta and some days at the anchorage and beaches of Punta Mita.  We are thankful that he wanted to spend his precious free time with us in Mexico.  And we're happy that he is really enjoying his studies and hard work at Northeastern.  

Paradise Village Pool Time
Taco Crawl in La Cruz
We took Bryan to four places in one night
Muertos Pier

Mom gets a squeeze in with Bryan 

Eldene, Erin and Roy flew in for a long weekend in town.  With a little overlap with Bryan, they "did the town" right.  We've agreed to a "non-disclosure" on Facebook and other social media.  However, these few photos may give you a glimpse of the fun we all had.  

Tequila Tasting aboard Shindig
Jewelry shopping with Designer Cassandra Shaw
Nancy's favorite bauble store in PV

Paparazzi and Eldene 
Beach Day in Sayulita
Kevin and Sean showed up as planned at the Vallarta Yacht Club, after already immersing themselves in the fun life downtown.  We spent a long weekend with them, mostly aboard Shindig, as we went out for a private whale watching tour, showed them the La Cruz anchorage and marina, and restaurants and beaches.  Our hang out day back in Sayulita was a great way to end their trip.  We revisited a favorite beach spot, with umbrellas in the shade, sling back chairs and very attentive service by Umberto.

Looks like a J Crew ad

Enjoying the warm sun and wind

Sean and Kevin at new beachfront lounge

Amidst the calendar was a slight two day break in visitors, and oh yes, our anniversary!  We had a quick get away back to Sayulita, finding a cute boutique hotel, Kupuri, amidst this great bohemian surf town.
A younger version of the Novaks

Anniversary Dinner in Sayulita 

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